Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sarah by Orson Scott Card

"You can't stop thoughts like that from entering your head.  Faith doesn't mean that you never doubt.  It only means that you never act upon your doubts."

"Love is finding that the things you like best about yourself are not in you at all, but in the person who completes you."

"The love of a good man for a good women.  The love of good friends for each other. The love of parents for children, children for parents.  The love of brothers and sisters.  The memory of joy and grief, which all becomes joy when enough time has passed.  This is the treasure that I have won through all the years of my journey through this life.  And every bit of it I'll take with me beyond the grave.  I'll meet God then, and I will take all these treasures and lay them out before his feet, for God can see them easily even if mortal men cannot.  They were not mine by right.  But I hope that, having been given such gifts so undeservingly I used them well, and gave back to thee a life that was worthy."

"I believe in the Bible so seriously that I think it really is what it claims to be - a record, written by men, of stories that seemed important and truthful to them at the time of writing, using the standards of truth available to them at the time.  Our task, in reading the scriptures, is not to read it blindly as if God were dictating it to his secretary, but to read it faithfully, trying to understand what truths are being shown to use by means of, or in spite of, the words use to tell the tale."