Monday, July 18, 2016

The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb by Melanie Benjamin (audio)

★★★★ 1/2
"Never would I allow my size to define me.  Instead I would define it."

I wonderfully written and unique story about Mercy Lavinia "Vinnie" Bump - the women who would one day become Mrs. Tom Thumb.  I loved everything about this story: the descriptive setting, the interesting characters, and the extraordinary storyline of a women who would have a life beyond anything that her family dreamt of for her.  A novel full of heart, tragedy, and passion.  I have loved everything that I have read by Melanie Benjamin this year and this novel was no different.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly (audio)

★★★★ 1/2
"Don't waste your energy on hate.  That will kill you sure as anything."

Another wonderfully written novel focusing on the events of World War II.  I enjoyed the unique perspective of an all-women concentration camp and different point of views.  This novel tells the story of three women from very different backgrounds - a wealthy American women, a German doctor, and Polish political prisoner.  It was beautifully written, well-researched, and filled with memorable characters and powerful insight on a tragic part of the past.