Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix

"Mrs. Livingston stares off into the distance, off into the past, off into a time when she didn't know the first was coming.  'The story begins like so much else,' she says slowly.  'With hope.  Hope and dreams and daring."

" 'I think people remember the Triangle first because of the strike,' she tells Harriet.  'People had cheered us on.  They'd donated money to out cause, they'd bailed us out of jail, they'd marveled at our courage.  We weren't faceless and anonymously and easily forgotten after the strike.  And then so many of us died so young, so tragically, so soon after.  People left like they knew us.  They took our deaths personally."

"Bella had not known it was possible to stand shoulder to shoulder with another girl, one from Poland or Lithuania or some other place Bella had never heard of, both of them holding signs high over their heads, both of them longing just as strongly for eactly the sam thing.  Both of them completely connected."

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