Sunday, January 15, 2012

Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

"In college, twenty-nine had seemed impossibly old.  By now, she'd thought, she'd be married and have kids.  But as each year went by, she didn't feel much different than she bad before.  Time kept going by and she was just here, the same."

"Ken was Mary's new boyfriend, a nice guy who made all their friend's comment, 'Oh, there he is.  That's what she's been waiting for,' as if finding your perfect match was a guaranty as long as you were patient enough."

This book tells the story of three women venturing out into the "adult world" and growing up after college graduation.  Struggling with careers, family, and new love these women must endure all of this while suffering through endless rounds of wedding and bridal showers when "everyone they know" is moving on with their lives and getting married.

I don't read too many "chick-lit" novels, they're usually a little too romantic and on the predictable side for me, but it's a good change every once and a while.  That being said, I LOVED this book!  The writing was hilarious (my mom had to ask me more then once why I was laughing...) and extremely relatable.  It was the perfect novel to read at that time in your life when everyone you know seems to have it all figured out and you're just hoping to make it through the week!

This book was #4 on my top ten list of 2012.

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