Sunday, January 19, 2014

#365 Shakespeare - King Henry VI, Part 2

The main focus of the second part of King Henry VI is Henry's inability to rule England.  He has numerous conflicts with his wife, Queen Margaret that reveal his lack of power and authority.  The play includes many battle scenes, including the First Battle of St. Albans in the opening act.  Other major events include the marriage of King Henry VI and Queen Margaret, Margaret's affair with the Earl of Suffolk, the death of Henry's trusted advisor, Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, Jack Cage the the rebellion of the common people, and the rise of the Duke of York.

Even though there were a lot more character to keep straight, I found the second part a little easier to read.  I guess there's something to be said about "learning the language" of Shakespeare. I'm right on track to start Part 3 tomorrow.  We'll see how the schedule goes once grad school starts up again this week!

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