Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Widow's Walk by Robert Barclay (audio)


Architect Garrett Richmond has always been drawn to the ocean.  He purchases an old house known as Seaside and quickly begins to restore the place to what it was in its prime almost two decades ago.  But, then he spots a mysterious women named Constance and learns that she is the original owner of the house and has been trapped in between life and death for the past 170 years.  Now Garrett must risk everything to save her before she disappears.

This novel sounded really interesting - old house, history, time travel, romance, - but found it mostly repetitive and annoying.  The dialog seemed much too formal and fake and I just didn't buy Garrett randomly falling in love with Constance after about twenty seconds of seeing her.  The story wasn't very developed and was lacking in detail in several areas.  There was one part towards the end where Garrett and Constance are trying to figure out how to solve the problem of her being trapped among the living.  Garrett talks to a fellow professor who gives him the name of a women who can help.  They visit the women who mysteriously has the exact book with the exact information that they're looking for. Way too perfect and perfect for my tastes.  I was expecting there to be a big search for the research on what they were looking for - nope.  And there were a lot of aspects that just didn't add up: Constance couldn't be seen by anyone but Garrett, and yet she constantly talks about having to sneak around?  And she says she learns things from watching TV, but she knows what a donut is and not a credit card?  I wasn't buying any of it - especially the ending which I figure out in about the third chapter.

It was a good effort, but this book didn't offer me anything.  The storyline had a lot of potential and the historical background kept my attention, but I felt a disconnect from the characters throughout most of the book.

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