Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tallgrass by Sandra Dallas (audio)

★ 1/2

Set in Colorado during World War II, Rennie's life changes when a Japanese internment camp is opened up nearby.  When a young girl is murdered all eyes turn to the Japanese for answers.  Thirteen-year-old Rennie's isn't sure what to believe at first, but when her family hires young Japanese workers, she is forced to stand up against prejudices of the camp.  

I enjoyed this book.  I haven't read too much about the Japanese internment camps - except for Jamie Ford's Hotel of the Corner of Bitter and Sweet - and liked the perspective of World War II in the United States.  I always found it surprising that there is so little mention of these camps in histories of the war.  While very different from concentration camps in Europe, we did segregate individuals based solely on their race.  I am also wondering why there was not camps for Germans?

Anyways, I really liked that the story was told from the eyes of a young girl.  As the novel unfolded, she grew up and was faced with many situations that were far beyond her age.  Rennie's didn't always know as much as the readers did, but she began to put the pieces together of those around her.  All in all, a good historical fiction novel.

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