Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Home Front by Kristin Hannah (audio)

"I know about forgiving people and loving them anyways, even after they hurt you." 

Twelve years into their marriage, Michael and Jolene are struggling to make their marriage work for themselves and their two girls - Betsy (12) and Lulu (4).  With Michael being a lawyer and Jolene having been in the army and later the national guard since the graduated high school, the two have very different career.  That never seemed a problem - until now when all they can see our their differences.  When Jolene is called to active duty in Iraq, the family struggles with their mother being away and bringing the family back together.  

I really enjoyed this book.  Like the author states the interview after the audio book, they're are not many contemporary books written about women going to war.  The book seemed very well researched and provided a unique look at what "going to war" is like for Americans today - especially women.  It was a very interesting topic for me to read about and, as usual, Kristin Hannah creates horrific circumstances and barriers that the characters must overcome.  I also enjoyed some of the side characters (Michael's mother Mila and Lulu) that added humor to the story and were able to provide a slight distraction from the intensity of the novel. 

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