Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Cross-Country Quilters (Elm Creek Quilts #3) by Jennifer Chiaverini (audio)


This novel, the third in Chiaverini's Elm Quilt Series, is a bit different than the first two books.  I tells the stories for five different characters - Grace, Julie, Donna, Megan, and Vinnie - that meet at the Elm Creek Quilt camp for a week of quilting away from their busy lives.  Each women is struggling with some aspect of their lives - whether it be motherhood, their health or keeping up with their career.  The women form a strong bond of friendship that lasts them long after the week at quilt camp ends.  They decide to make a challenge quilt - a project that they all agree to start after they have addressed a problem in their lives.  The novel follows the five women through the next year and concludes with a reunion at quilt camp a year later.  

The book was a little slow at the beginning and very predictable, but I generally enjoyed it.  I missed hearing more about the original Elm Creek quilters, but it was interesting to hear about the quilt camp from the perspective of actual campers - and some original characters did make a few appearances throughout the book.

Challenge Quilt from the author's website

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