Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bitch by Deja King


            Precious Cummiongs grew up raised in the projects of Brooklyn, New York.  Previous lives with her mother who is a drug addict and prostitute.  When Previous is fifteen, her mother informs her that she owes her $1,000 a month for rent of she will kick her out on the streets.  Precious works part-time at a car dealership, but does not make enough money.  Left with no other option, Precious begins hustling for money.  She quickly becomes involved with some of Brooklyn’s top kingpins of the streets.  This leads her to Nico Carter, the “King of the Hood” who gives her all the money, fame, and position that she could have dreamed of.  When she kinds out that Nico is cheating on her, she plans for her revenge that goes terribly wrong and leads to the death of her mother.

            With Nico’s stolen one million dollars, Precious leaves her street life in Brooklyn behind and moves to Jersey.  By chance, she meets Rhonda and moves in with her.  Rhonda works in the music business and introduces Precious to a whole new life.  At a club one night, she catches the eye of Supreme, a famous rapper.  Precious and Supreme quickly fall for each other, but Supreme suspects that there is more to Precious then she lets on.  Will Precious risk everything by telling her new boyfriend about her past?  And will what she did to Nico finally catch up to her and ruin her glamorous life?

Urban Fiction is a completely new genre to me.  I honestly did not know anything about it, other then being familiar with the name, before taking this class.  All of the slang, as well as the frequent graphic sex, violence, and language took me a little while to get use to, but I finished the book very quickly and it generally caught my interest.  It had a fast and exciting pace, dynamic characters, and lots of action.  This genre is not one that I would normally choose to read, but I can see its appeal for readers. 

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