Friday, April 10, 2015

Until We Meet Again by Anne Schraff

"Some things are too good to be true."

Darcy Willis is a sophomore at Bluford High.  As the school year draws to an end, she is looking forward to a great summer with her friends and her boyfriend Hakeem.  Then she finds out that Hakeem’s dad is sick and he is moving out of state with his family.  Darcy is also dealing with problems at home - adjusting to her father coming back into her life and the declining health of her grandmother.  To add more confusion, Darcy begins babysitting for an old family friend and the girl’s brother seems to be very interested in Darcy, but she isn’t sure what his intension are.  Darcy worry-free summer quickly turns into one that will force her to get use to the new changes in her life and make some tough decisions.

I thought that this book was engaging and very easy to get through. The characters were both relatable and realistic.  Darcy was dealing with a lot of common issues in the book that teenagers face such as her first boyfriend moving away, adjusting to new family dynamics, and her grandmother dying.  The book did a great job of providing young adults with a straightforward novel that could be read by a variety of ages and reading levels.  I also liked that the book did not have a perfect ending and instead focused on Darcy realistically dealing with her situation and learning from her experiences.  I wouldn’t normally read books similar to this because I felt it didn’t have enough substance, but I would recommend it for young teenagers who enjoy novels about realistic characters with a fast plotline.

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